• There are a lot of Situations where more Theory is not only useless but harmful. I know people that are in their master and still haven’t done a single analysis. I recommend to read George Leonards Mastery on this.
  • Sign up to datacamp.com if you haven’t already. The Price is worth it (no, I get no money from these guys). This is a Investment. Learn every day.
  • Sign up to kaggle.com. This is a Community for Data Scientists. Tackle a project and meet some battle buddies.
  • Sign up at git.com & slackoverflow.com
  • Learn statistics. You can be a script kiddie at the beginning to get the work done. But if you learn the models you can invent even better models.
  • Publish your work ASAP! Even if you are in your first Semester of University or still in school. Define a Research Question, grab a free dataset and craft a report. If you don’t know what you can do let me propose that it can be a topic like Soccer, Leauge of Legends or whatever you like.
  • Write something that someone would like to read. In other words: Provide Value.
  • Comment everything in your code. The other programmer that’ll read your script is at least the future you.
  • Always. Read. The. Documentation.
  • You can always buy books from O’ Reilly. They are great. If you don’t believe me, then check out this free R-Cookbook.
  • Watch this Video:

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