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Hi, I'm Max .

2020/02/20 - 08:15 PM

Why do you need to learn programming ?

Programming the key skill of our time, more valueable than ever before. No matter how bad you are in math or formal logic - you can improve and write beautiful code thus solving problem thus earning a decent amount of money. No matter how far AI will go, the critical thinking, learning and building skills you learn through programming will remain valueable. Ignoring Programming - that is like fighting a uphill battle with no weapons. That's the basic message.

I'm on this path (as a non CS-Graduate) and will write here about what works for me in the context of different topics:

  • reviews books here and on amazon
  • techniques on how to be a master in Programming
  • Tutorials in the languages SAP ABAP and JS/CSS3/MHTL5 (Python is planed)
  • Occacionally I'll write about a statistical project of mine.
  • Linux BSH Scripting
  • I write on

You can reach out to me through Email:

Greeting, Max.