As a Reader you’re likely to ask yourself one of three things about Data Science.

  1. Will Data Science bring me more Money?
  2. Isn’t that like 1984?
  3. Should I learn these Skills?

Answer to 1.: Yes. There is always an Opportunity to make more Money. The Question is how you make it. Most Organizations automate Processes, fire Employees and let the leftovers work overtime. This ain’t a healthy Scheme in my Book. So how can I as a Data Scientist improve your Organization?

  1. Observe
  2. Create Insights (mostly through Statistics)
  3. Communicate these Insight
  4. Help to change the Organization

Answer to 2.: Quite the Opposite.

Answer to 3.: Applied Data Science is about getting a decent Amount of Money for doing very difficult Work which no one else want to do. Data Scientist are the plumbers of the Corporate World.