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Ying and Yang are real. For every stupid Video, there is at least one clever video.

But today is again about netnography on Youtube… There are people who watched stupid shit and decided that it is indeed even more stupid as they thought. They saw that these Videos get watched in high numbers and decided to make a reaction video. Something like that. The grounding myth of the Youtube Skeptics Community, a Community which can’t be categorized in one political domain. But I found Archetypes, that have a certain self-perception and one or more enemies. Before we dive in, let me answer one Question: Why Reactions? You can argue that the Skeptics have a rather male habitus, which is blended with logical discourse from the university. If they see something that is not true from their perspective, they want to argue with that person. In this setting, it is even socially acceptable to insult a person to bring that person back to Truth. At best both parties benefit from such discourse, at the worst the global discourse (read as on youtube) on that topic gets a little bit sourer.

Archetypes of Sceptics

Announcement: This content is based on my experience as a 27 y/o male german. The values are estimations.

  1. The gentle Academic
  2. The Conspiracy Theorist
  3. The Savage
  4. The Cash-Maker
  5. The Copy-Cat
 Frequency in %Est. Mean Economic StatusEst. Mean Educational StatusCurse-Words Freq.
The gentle Academic15681
The Conspiracy Theorist15445
The Savage15439
The Cash-Maker35664
The Copy-Cat20447

1 = Most Extreme Negative imageable(never seen), 5 = Average, 10 = Most Extreme Negative imageable(never seen)

The gentle Academic

Pro: He has some Degrees, but that is not that important. He is polite and tries to talk to everyone to make ‘the world better’.

Con: Sometimes to enwrapped in theories that it is hard to understand him.

Blends sometimes with: The Cashmaker

Enemies: Pseudoscientist (Flat-Earther, Creationists, Feminist Constructivists)

The Conspiracy Theorist

Pro: He is entertaining.

Con: Too many people follow the lead.

Blends sometimes with: The Savage

Enemy: Scientists, ‘The Mainstream’

The Savage

Pro: He is entertaining because he talks about stuff no one would dare to talk about

Con: Too enwrapped in Strawmans and Projections – and self-destructive

Blends sometimes with: The Conspiracy Theorist

enemy The Mainstream, the Cash-Maker

The Cash-Maker

Pro: Content with good quality on solid topics

Con: nothing out of the proven formula (whatever it is)

Blends sometimes with: The Copy-Cat (degression)

Emenemy: The Savage (Because they fuck his game up)

The Copy-Cat

Pro: Developement Stage for some Skeptics

Con: Reacts to what everyone reacts one )for example Trumps mid-terms

Blends sometimes with: Everyone

Emenemy: Everyone who seems to be a lowhangingfruit

Next time: A Skeptics fight

To be continued….


I’ve to admit that I hang too much on Youtube. In this post, I tell you why (besides being a mild media addict). And I tell you why I want to write a Netnography in English about the German-English Youtube. Maybe you’ll see why Youtube can be a nice Tool for a social / data scientist. I’m not on Youtube to watch stupid cat-videos or fail Compilations but to watch incredible videos on a broad variety of topics such as philosophy, politics, programming or economics. This is mostly unprofessional content in the classical sense because it features Humor. Unlike in the American tradition, there is almost a dislike for a good delivery in the German academia. It’s like you laugh in your free time, but this is science, pal. Serious business. You gotta make EVERYTHING perfect and unless it’s perfect you shouldn’t consider starting a study. I call out that is the common Postmodern Bullshit. You learn while you make mistakes and even though you have to learn YEARS you have to take risk to get anywhere high. On Youtube, I can watch what I want whenever I want. Without the Internet, you had only the Mainstream Media and the limited circle of people you know from university, work, a party or school. And – let’s face it – it is seldom that you meet genuinely interesting people that want to talk exactly about what you want to talk about. Alas, Youtube can be more than a filter bubble. I can be the so much needed intellectual food for the starving neomaniac. You find videos on every group you could ever which to observe as a researcher – made by people from within these groups. This includes for example groups about Politics, obscure Hobbies, News, Podcasts (Joe Rogan), all sorts of Conspiracy Theories, new Music (…). There are a lot of opinions and viewpoints out there! You can definitely use them as a begin for a study. And you can download your Data (plus stats) while being still at home (use youtube-dl). Nice, huh? So… now that we have established that Youtube is great for science… what is the first thing I’ll make a study about? You’ll see it next Saturday (Saturday is now NoY day). Why do I want to write in English instead of German? A. As you can see I still need to improve my English — and what’s better training as writing a text what others could read? B. Much more Readers.