Hello, I’m Max. My site is about Programming and other things I’m interested in. I have a Podcast called Maxcast.

Are you too interested in Programming? Because I always was. Long enough I thought I was not ‘cut off’ for it – kind of. At the age of 9 I played the Shadowrun Trading Card Game and my favorite Character was Dodger, which was a Hacker – Decker in the Jargon of Shadowrun – Character. Later I did some Web Developing. Everything took so long to learn. Too long? Then I ended up with studying Sociology, but I kept drifting back to programming, so I decided to get my shit together and get a job as a Programmer. This was in 2019.

I never looked back.

But you may ask: Why is this site here for? There is no talent software and we can’t download knowledge directly in our brains (yet). Programming is the most a unique field there you just get in by getting good in what you do. Why is that? 1. Programming can be stressful and 2. you have to learn a lot.

A lot of things are barely realized in programming.

  1. For example the new styles of organization we need to work through the ever growing complexity of requirements and contexts. In a lot of work places we are still in the last century.
  2. Another things is the contradiction of the requirements of programming and meetings. To program you need to be calm and slow, a behavior which let’s you seem rather boring in a meeting. Because – let’s be honest – meetings are a performance and we have to learn to be interesting and understandable to non-tech people which tends to sap from our coding energy and time.

There is so much more!

Follow me on my path on Mastery of Programming and learn what I found out in my Podcast and my Blog:


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