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So what is my story?

Beginning at the tender age of 9 or so I played the Shadowrun Trading Card Game and my favorite Class were the Decker – in the Jargon of Shadowrun Hacker. If you don’t know Shadowrun, check it out. recommend you to listen to the Soundtracks. It brings more glory to our work in IT.

Later I studied Social Sciences in University (Bachelor Thesis: “How Neutrality is constructed on Wikipedia”, Focus: Netnography). While being enmeshed in my Bachelor Thesis I became really interested in Data Science and learned to program in R on, a site which I highly recommend. My original plan was to study Data Science immediately after Bachelor, but decided to apply for a Job anyway which lead me to SAP BI. Since mid 2023 I study Data Science.

This life will be a milk run, chummer.

Maximilian Malz

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